A Shared Approach is a Better Approach.

Founded on the concept of a shared approach to wellness, DiaXsys is making giant strides in the world of creating dynamic technology for better health management and improved quality of life for care recipients.

Our signature application, SharedCare™, captures vital health metrics and wellness data and provides 24/7 access to all members of a care team. Using a mobile tablet, easy-to-enter updates about health, medication management, nutrition, mood and overall wellness can be made by caregivers and recipients alike.

All involved then have online access to this progressive care reporting to achieve better health outcomes together.

Read on to learn more about SharedCare™ and why it is the best health management technology tool for family caregivers, individuals receiving care, and home care providers.

  • A Shared Approach to Independence

  • young woman and senior woman using digital tablet
  • At DiaXsys, we understand it’s hard to adjust, much less accept when things start to happen that seem beyond your control. But just because your body doesn’t want to cooperate...
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  • SharedCare™ for Shared Peace of Mind

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  • Are you a family caregiver or concerned loved one? We understand that thoughts of an aging relative’s condition are never far away—when you’re at work, on vacation, or when you’re...
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  • Your Differentiating Factor

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  • As a home care agency responsible for the daily care of many clients, we understand you have a substantial amount to consider to provide the best care possible for every...
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